WR 305

"FERRIS WHEEL" is one of the oldest attractions, familiar to everyone since childhood. More than 120 years ago, the project to create a wheel with cabins for review seemed impossible. But the young engineer-creator believed in his dream. Do you want to feel yourself as an innovator and plunge into the atmosphere of the last century? As soon as you open a brand wooden box smelling as a carpenter's workshop, and the mechanical model "FERRIS WHEEL"will take your imagination and help to develop logical thinking.

"WOODEN.CITY" 3D puzzle is an exciting construction set with an open mechanism made of birch plywood. The assembly does not require glue. Press the parts and assemble according to the instructions.

Several turns of the key and the rubber motor of the "FERRIS WHEEL" is started! It triggers off the gears, among which there is a flywheel, and a real planet gear. The operating time from one start will be 1 minute. On the right there is a trigger lever used to stop the movement of the wheel. Each of the six cabins place passengers – children and their parents.

But wait, there is more! At the bottom of the patterned stand there are a minibox and a secret coin box, about which only you will know.

"FERRIS WHEEL" by "WOODEN.CITY" is a real find for you and a wonderful idea of a present for adults and children aged 14 years old.

100% ECO


  • Brand – Wooden city;
  • Packaging – a wooden box;
  • Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood;
  • It is started with a key;
  • Rotates with help of a rubber motor;
  • The operating time from one start is 1 minute;
  • There is a trigger lever;
  • Assembly – without glue;
  • Number of the parts – 429;
  • Assembly time – 8 hours;
  • Recommended for the children aged 14 years old;
  • The model is started with a special key, has a box and a secret coin box.