Company is the sole designer and manufacturer of mechanical self-assembling wooden 3-D puzzles and models. We designed our first model in the late 2015 and it became the inspiration for our brand name “WOODEN CITY”, our new models, and our future to pursue to design and create even more sophisticated 3-D wooden puzzles. Our growing experience designing new models helped us to move forward with our ideas. Currently all our Wooden City models are being sold in nearly 10 countries Worldwide.
To invent, create and manufacture our 3-D Wooden Puzzle Models, we are employing highly accurate laser equipment. For our raw material, we use only ECO friendly birch plywood. Our manufacturing process is fully automatized and every single our manufactured model is being tested by our highly-qualified technicians.

We try to maintain high standards in the 3D wooden puzzles world. Our main goal to maintain, to create and to invent glue free assembly kits only. We believe in glue free World. All our 3-D wooden puzzle sets have all what you need for assemble procedure. Our wooden sets have been carefully designed and designed, they all have detailed step by step instructions and all of them come in a frustration free packaging. All of this helps our buyers to assemble our models with ease and to enjoy our products with every single purchase.

Our models are the best gifts for any occasion because it gives numerous pleasures in repeated assembly process. You can assemble our 3-D wooden puzzles just by yourself or with your family. We try to keep maintaining rubber band engine idea installed in our all models. We want our models to be “alive” to live and move on your table anytime you wish. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. We have no questions asked return policy if for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase. Our highly-qualified customer support representatives will assist you in any difficulties you will experience. Please, give us a call if you have any questions or comments.